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Bio Volta

Catch my reality, it's dark and sweet

12 nov 17 01:12

Posting just to say that I'm feeling just fine and dandy.
I'm happy. :)

18 oct 17 21:29 - Feeling for...

...For sweater weather.
With her.

6 mai 17 08:14

17 avr 17 09:52 - Finally, something clear about that topic : gaslighting

Excep from an article I don't care giving the link :

What’s Gaslighting?

Glad you asked. I learned about gaslighting within the last couple years as I explored topics surrounding emotional abuse and narcissism. Gaslighting is the psychological manipulation of making someone question their own sanity. It’s an emotional abuse tactic. It can also be described as “the attempt of one person to overwrite another person’s reality” (as defined in this article from Everyday Feminism).

Have you ever gotten into an argument with a parent, boss, or romantic partner about something they’ve done that upset you, but by the end of the argument, YOU’RE the one apologizing for hurting their feelings? This is often a result of gaslighting. They flip it around and become the victim, and your original feelings never get resolved because the conversation always descends into the other person’s victimization.

As one example from my life, when I first faced up to the fact that my first marriage was in real trouble and I was considering divorce, I (very calmly) asked my ex-husband if he’d consider marriage counseling. His response? “I cannot believe you can even ask that of me.” He was so offended by the suggestion that something was wrong that I questioned the validity of my feelings. “Oh my god,” I thought, “I must be terrible. Is anything even wrong or are my expectations just crazy?” This is an example of gaslighting.

9 fév 17 22:42 - j'veux tout lâcher, partir faire le tour du monde en sac à doc. refaire ma vie

y'a pas assez de sacres pour me défouler

y'a pas assez de larmes de frustration pour me soulager

je possède pas assez de vaisselle que je peux faire éclater

j'ai pas assez de guts pour câller qqu'un pour chigner

21 jan 17 10:37 - Yep. Good point.

"The Church of Satan Promotes Anti-Feminist Feminism

So what the hell does that mean? The Church of Satan promotes self-empowerment as one of its highest values, and thus believes that women who are drawn to Satan reject patriarchal control and seize power for themselves. The Church sees the feminist movement as weak, accusing it of being predicated on creating an environment of victimhood for women while seeking assistance in promoting equality from outside sources such as the government."

Those weak feminists are like men who say they are (feminists) but, on the other hand, propose a woman to do a 'shopping therapy' for her nerves. ahahah

3 déc 16 21:11

So...last night, I slept 11 hours.

Had a strange variety of dreams!

Chasing badguys in a house. Guns and hiding, and etc.
Chasing monsters disguised as women. Baseball abt with nails stiked in, cunning, spying, etc.
Quetting intimate with a woman.
Refusing a proposal.
Accepting someone's proposal (and ellipse) trying my dress in a boutique, accompanied by a friend with brown wavy hair.
Shopping for se toys to enjoy with some of my intimate(s).

Well... guess that what can happpen when you :
Play Pay Day 2.
Listen to the last episode of Stranger Things. And dislike a woman (yes, in particular).
Feel for some action, some kind I havent had in more than a year. And opening myself up to gang bangs helps me against my shyness. And some eunanism just before going to sleep might have triggered that part of the dream. ahahah
« Jamais deux sans trois », semble-t-il.
Get romantic, sometimes, and get in touch with an old child dream.
This is so much a whish, for the year to come. I need more of that kind of fun.

29 mar 16 22:46 - Merging the parallels

I want to hold you close to my skin, tonight, my dearest.
Taste your lips, once more.
Watch you sleep to see how you are, at rest, when you have no conscience of the World.
Be the one to wake you up gently, in the morning.
Caress your face, massage your hands, pass my fingers through your hair.

I want to hold you against me, softly.
And fall alseep, happily.
For I have someone, by my side.
Looking deeply into your eyes to see part of your soul.

I want to hear the thoughts of your heart,
The strikes of your mind,
The ones you don't give voice to.

I long for your presence by my side.
Expressing myself to someone makes me more human.

Less of the ghost I am.

16 mar 16 20:06 - Will soon dance on it

16 mar 16 00:45

Discovering a detail about yourself lead to a greater sens of who you are and opens you not only to yourself but to the others, too.

Cause, with knowledge, you can (better) understand and act, interact, move forward.

Whatever it is you unreavel, it is so soothing.

Even something painful can enrich you.

The song remains the same. But you understand the lyrics so much better and the music gets so beautifully deep.
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