BioVolta (biovolta) wrote,

Merging the parallels

I want to hold you close to my skin, tonight, my dearest.
Taste your lips, once more.
Watch you sleep to see how you are, at rest, when you have no conscience of the World.
Be the one to wake you up gently, in the morning.
Caress your face, massage your hands, pass my fingers through your hair.

I want to hold you against me, softly.
And fall alseep, happily.
For I have someone, by my side.
Looking deeply into your eyes to see part of your soul.

I want to hear the thoughts of your heart,
The strikes of your mind,
The ones you don't give voice to.

I long for your presence by my side.
Expressing myself to someone makes me more human.

Less of the ghost I am.
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